Scotia Itrade Account Agreement

Consent is simple. Simply click below and indicate your consent to each section. We know these exchange agreements are long, but it`s a small price to pay for free real-time quotes! In exchange for your continued compliance and agreement to be bound by the Terms and Conditions, we hereby grant and you hereby accept a limited, non-exclusive, non-transferable and non-assignable license to use the Application (including future updates made available to you from time to time, provided that you understand that such updates may be subject to additional terms; of which you will be informed at the time of providing such an update). to access your Scotia iTRADE account(s) from your mobile device, subject to the terms and conditions. Your mobile network operator may charge you when you use the Service, and these fees may vary if you use your mobile device to access the Service abroad. Please check with your mobile operator for details. Your access to the Service may be subject to the terms of your agreement with your mobile service provider and/or Internet service provider. You are solely responsible for all fees charged by your mobile operator and Internet service provider. Orders placed through the Service will be credited and debited from your regular Scotia iTRADE accounts, and any resulting transactions will be reflected in your regular Scotia iTRADE accounts in the same manner as transactions made through the regular service on the Scotia iTRADE website. You will continue to be subject to the fees applicable to your Scotia iTRADE accounts as set out in the Scotia iTRADE Fee Schedule, as they may be amended from time to time by Scotia iTRADE in its sole discretion and in accordance with applicable law. The fee schedule in effect at any time can be found on the Scotia OnLine website under Products and Services -> Investment and Wealth Management Services -> Scotia iTRADE -> Competitive Prices. You must comply with the Terms and Conditions, including the terms of your client contracts and any other agreements you have entered into with us that govern your trading or other financial services or products offered by us or through us.

An industry-wide agreement for brokers who provide real-time data. You understand and agree that you are solely responsible for all orders, instructions and information entered or transmitted electronically through the Service using your ScotiaCard number, login password and access code, and you agree that all such orders, instructions and data transfers are at your own risk. Neither Scotia Capital Inc. nor any of its affiliates shall be liable for any errors you have made in entering details or providing orders or instructions while using the Service. You agree that Scotia Capital Inc. has the right to rely on orders and instructions received when entering your Scotia Card number, login password and access code. You understand that once your ScotiaCard number, login password and access code have been entered during a particular session, no additional password will be required before securities trading orders can be placed and you will take all necessary precautions to prevent unauthorized access to your Scotia iTRADE accounts. Scotia Capital Inc.

may rely on all orders and other communications given or entered by you or any other person using your ScotiaCard number, login password and access code, and you are bound by all agreements and costs incurred as a result of such orders and communications. Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, you are responsible for all instructions received by Scotia iTRADE from the time you go through the security process until you unsubscribe from the Service. Please note that this includes any input errors sent by others. Please do not leave your mobile device unattended while remaining connected to the service. You agree that if you have a joint account, we will act on the instructions of one of the two account holders, but you are each responsible for all transactions made and the repayment of all debts incurred on your account(s). You must always remain confidential and take all necessary precautions to ensure the confidentiality and security of all your identifying information, including your ScotiaCard number, passwords, access codes, personal identification numbers, ScotiaCard security code numbers and answers to any online security questions you select (personal verification questions) that allow you to log in to the Service (collectively, ”Credentials”) and will take all necessary precautions to prevent unauthorized access to the Service. You will NOT share your credentials with third parties, including family members, friends, colleagues, accountants or others. You must NOT: (a) write down your identifying information, (b) keep a poorly disguised record of it, (c) retain your identifying information with your Scotia iTRADE or ScotiaCard card, (d) store your identifying information on your mobile device, or (e) respond to text messages, pop-ups, emails or other Internet requests asking you to disclose personal information about yourself or your Scotia iTRADE account (your Scotia iTRADE accounts). We will never send you unsolicited text messages or emails asking for your credentials. We will never ask you to validate or restore your account or access to Scotia iTRADE mobile trading through unsolicited text messages or emails. In the event that you suspect or immediately, if you discover that someone else knows your identifying information or may have unauthorized access to your information, or in the event of any other attempt or actual unauthorized access to the Service or the loss, theft, misuse or compromise of your identifying information, you will notify Scotia iTRADE immediately at 1-888-TRADE88 (1-888-872-3388).

You need to check your statements and report errors in a timely manner. For more information, see your respective account contract statement. .