Bcgeu Collective Agreement Wage Increases

We strongly recommend that you vote for the adoption and ratification of your new collective agreement and represent the BCGEU as your only union. Ratification can be found here. If you vote, you vote to accept all changes made throughout the document. The new wording that would be added to the collective agreement is bold, underlined and highlighted in yellow. The formulations that would be deleted from the collective agreement are thus deleted. The following message is important information for all HSA members covered by the Community Social Services Contract. The CSSEA and the CSSBA have agreed on the distribution of the low-wage wage remedy (LWR) of April 1, 2021, which will come into force during the first full salary period after April 1, 2021. Payroll plans outlining the new hourly wages are available on the HSA website. The LWR increases are intended to reduce the wage gap between jobs in community social services and similar jobs in the health sector.

The LWR has significantly narrowed the gap for all classifications and grid levels and has completely closed it for some. By April 2021, Grid 10 classifications in Stage 4 will be at 1.0% of their equivalent health classifications, and many Paraprofessional classifications in Stage 4 will fully catch up with their equivalent health classifications. Some paraprofessional classifications will be 11.7% away from their corresponding health care classifications due to recent changes to the health sciences classification system. The agreement provides for the following salary increases: We are pleased to present a preliminary agreement that includes salary increases upon ratification, employer-adjusted RRSPs, an increase in the night shift premium and a lump sum signing bonus. In benefit areas 1, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10, 13, 14, 16, 17, 18, 19, 21, 22, 23, 26, 28, the increases apply as follows: in this case, following the public service payroll plan, the LDB received its salary increase one week later than if the employer had provided the salary increases in accordance with the BVA pay plan. During negotiations on the current master agreement, the joint intention of the union and the employer was to ensure that all public sector stakeholders received the same wage increase for the duration of the agreement. In this case, the entire public service, including employees working at LDB, received 52 weeks at the increased rate of pay, which began on April 14, 2019 and will continue to receive each annual increase for 52 weeks. In summary, the employer`s practice of using the public service pay scale for salary increases for LDB employees has been in place since the 17th main agreement, and the employer has done so even when it has benefited LDB employees.

Given that the parties` mutual intention was to grant all workers equal wage increases of 52 weeks during the 18th main agreement, the union believes that we would not be able to reach arbitration. This is a reminder that BCLDB workers will have received the wage increase under Article 27.3 of our collective agreement on April 11, 2021 – not April 4, 2021. April 2021. Our collective agreement states that the wage increase begins in the first salary period after April 1. What the collective agreement does not say is that the wage increase will begin the first pay period of Schedule psa (not Schedule BCLDB) after April 1. A detailed explanation can be found below. You should see the salary increase on your pay today (April 23, 2021). As you will recall in the email I sent you on January 21, 2021, our union filed a policy complaint in 2019, claiming that BCLDB did not provide employees with the pay raise at the right time. After further investigation by our union`s advocacy department, we found that bclDB employees did indeed receive a raise at the right time – and the right time is the first pay period after 1.

April according to the PSA calendar, not the BCLDB calendar. .